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Global Staffing, A Closer Look !

Global staffing trends and patterns have been changing like never before and recruiters have been literally struggling to stay in line with the requirements. This isn't surprising keeping in mind the various factors which impact global hiring today with technology being just one of the factors that can disrupt the landscape. We'll take a closer look at what it means to be hiring talent in this new wave of global challenges and how you could be better prepared for the future !

"Help, I Need Multiple Skills"

Finding enough qualified candidates is a perpetual staffing challenge. Talent shortages persist and they don’t seem to be getting any better. In fact, more than half of the respondents to a specific skilling survey (55 percent) said they’re worse now than they were five years ago. That seems like a pretty intense challenge, doesn't it ?


Then there's our old friend, unemployment, which is at historically low rates, too, making it increasingly difficult to find qualified workers. It’s a candidate-driven market, after all. And because of advancements in technology, many workers are stuck with skill sets that are often outdated or irrelevant for jobs in the modern world making them lose out on the next big call !


These may feel like insurmountable challenges, but re-skilling can help. Re-skilling workers is the process of helping people to improve or update their skills through training and education. This is a huge opportunity for the staffing industry and an oft ignored one. And respondents agree: 74 percent said reskilling candidates is an effective way to address talent shortages. Yet only 5 percent say it’s one of their top priorities for the year ahead making it a known challenge and a difficult one to deal with.


"This Ain't An Ordinary World"

As technology proliferates, so does the globalization of business. Companies can now source talent beyond their backyards and get the very best candidates for a job, regardless of where they live or where they originate from, as long as the skill sets are being met.


Candidates, on the other hand, can find meaningful work with many more employers since proximity to a job location isn’t as much of an issue as it once was with many jobs. Amidst talent shortages, the globalization of business seems like a win for employers, more qualified candidates, isn't that a dream come true ? But given how much choice candidates now have, it may seem like a loss, more viable job options. Over doing the option thing can kill you, literally !


What’s more, many companies are not only sourcing talent from other countries. They’re also setting up shop in different locations to expand their international footprint. Most respondents are decidedly optimistic: 66 percent said they view the globalization of business as an opportunity rather than a challenge.


"Looking For Me ?"

In today’s world, many people look for more flexible options when it comes to where, when, and how they work. Some seek to diversify the work they do and don’t want to be cemented to one single employer. Others make ends meet by taking on a variety of assignments while they look for full-time work.

Contract or temporary work isn’t new to the staffing industry. But what is relatively new is the emergence of online talent platforms, self-service sites that connect employers and job-seekers on-demand. Depending on how you choose to view them, online talent platforms could pose a threat or present an opportunity to the staffing industry. And it seems the industry at-large hasn’t quite figured out how to view online talent platforms just yet.

Recruiters will need to stay on top of their game by keeping an eye on how these platforms are changing the recruitment landscape and also the individual preferences of the people who are glued onto these sites. The secret lies in being able to analyse and understand the emerging trends and patterns here-in.

- Extract from The Global Indian for a "Mumbai" based client.

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