We've been into content writing for about 5 years now and nothing gives our team more pleasure than being able to write up the next big challenge. After videos and photos, writing is one of the most creative forms of exhibiting emotions and who would know this better than us, literally !

Ambient is an integral part of the Globewalker Consulting Group which encompasses of a set of consulting firms specialising in Immigration Services, Migratory Language Skills Training and Digital Content Creation. Take your pick on what you'd like to associate on and feel free to drop us a mail : support@globewalker.co "We're all ears" !​

​We strongly believe in a value system which is not just close knit but also extensively aligned to the needs of our clients. Every individual who walks into our portals comes in with a new set of challenges and demanding aspirations, all of which we are committed to fulfilling, the moment we accept their case.​


As a firm which is into content, we understand that there's strong dependency on us for the end results and we value this for each of our clients, especially when it comes to something sensitive like social media oriented marketing or overseas client outreach programs. Trust us, we've got you well covered !

Our values make our intent very clear and as like any other transparent business operation, everything that we execute for you will be in the open, available for scrutiny and question between yourselves and our team. We've always prided ourselves on this open culture and we believe that this is the single most pillar on which our growth is hinged.


We welcome you to be a part of our journey and we look forward to helping you in achieving your goals in every possible way that we can !

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